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"John was fantastic when we were planning the wedding. He posted music samples for us to help us be very clear about what we wanted and what he could bring to our special day. He was on time and did a wonderful job. We would definitely recommend him!"   

(Deb C. / Franklin TN)

"We had John play his guitar rendition of Overjoyed at our wedding ceremony and it was so gorgeous that it remains one of our favorite memories. We listen to his CD and it brings us right back to our wedding day!"   

(Kelsey Murray)

"John performed at both our rehearsal dinner and wedding in July of last year. Everything went very smoothly at both events, and John performed wonderfully in both settings. For the wedding, he performed for our actual ceremony, and the cocktail hour, while for the rehearsal dinner he performed both during the reception and throughout the actual dinner. John was easy to work with and even sent samples of the works he would perform to us for review beforehand. We really couldn't have been more pleased. He honored every part of our contract and many of our guests were extremely impressed with his guitar skills, asking for his contact information after the events. Give him a call and check out what he has to offer. You won't be disappointed."  

(J.M. / New York)

"John was AMAZING!!! I was almost 30 minutes late and he was kind enough to stay and continue to play all of our favorite songs. He is an EXCELLENT guitar player and BONUS, his guitar is really cool looking, so it makes for great pictures. His prices are definitely reasonable, which was important for my husband and I because we paid for our wedding ourselves. I have already recommended him to a few friends and I would highly recommend the company to anyone in the future."  

(Jammie B.)

"John is as good as it gets - he played his collection of songs beautifully and did exactly as we'd requested. On top of that - he worked up renditions of several songs that I'd asked for - without any problem and performed them in a way that made them sound better than the originals.......
Just the best!The number of folks who commented on your exquisite guitar playing is…..everyone there! I really appreciated you playing the version of Keith Urban's Kiss a Girl along with each of the other pieces!  Just awesome. So great!"

(Bill Keenan)

"John is extremely talented, but more importantly, his music just made everyone in the room feel great, and created the most romantic atmosphere.  That is why I thought of him when our daughter was deciding on music for her wedding.  Wedding expenses began to get overwhelming for us, so we gave her and her fiance a choice of 3 wedding gifts.  One of these gifts was that we would pay for John to play the guitar at their wedding.  Both she and her fiance wholeheartedly agreed that having him play would be the most memorable gift of all.  They were exceedingly happy with him, as were we.  We requested 3 songs for him to play that were not listed on the website, and he did such a fabulous job with them.   Some additions to a wedding are quite generic, and people forget about them when the day is over.  Others make a lasting impression. John Evans created a classy, upscale ambiance and helped to make the wedding unique." 

(Joy Hammerbeck)

"John played an essential role in making our wedding truly an amazing day.  Beginning from our initial contact, he was so kind and encouraging to work with- even going the extra mile to provide rehearsal music for my vocal soloist.  John was the epitome of professionalism on the wedding day - I had not a single concern or worry in his ability to provide the perfect accompaniment to our ceremony and cocktail hour.  And of course, his versatile talent on the guitar is unsurpassed.  Truly a gifted musician.  I would HIGHLY recommend working with John!"  

(Chrissy Radeleff-Follis)

"You really did such a wonderful job!  At the reception, everyone was talking about your interpretation of Somewhere in Time, which drew a lot of people to tears.  I think you really did such a great job!  I am so honored to meet such a passionate musician as yourself!"  

(Lena Young Mcgrath / Los Angeles CA)

"He played at my wedding, and it was beautiful! I couldn't be happier with his work and professionalism. I would love to thank him for contributing to a magical day!"  

(Bethany K.)

"You were fantastic and we feel so fortunate to have had you at our wedding!"  

(Amy Sturton)